Thursday, February 14, 2008

Discussion Board

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Marketing Plan

  1. Flyers in all schools in Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill Public school system. Must get a map and assign "helpers" to get to these schools.
  2. Lawn signs near busy intersections (54 and 40 in chapel hill for example)
  3. Small paper ads - I know there is a sports specific paper in Chapel Hill. Need ideas for Durham and Raleigh.
  4. Flyers up at rec centers, gyms and YMCAs

Any other ideas?

Any feedback at any time would be greatly appreciated!


August 16th: Tournament Weekend
June 14th: first game
May 26th: teams formed, players contacted
May 23rd: Registration Due
March 24th: Registration Begins (? maybe april) - Begin Marketing

By March 24th, Need:
  • website
  • 2 more field sites (Durham and Chapel Hill)
  • Marketing material/plan

Brief Outline of League

Brief Outline of League can be found below. This outline is very, very preliminary.

  • 5/6th , 7/8th, 9-12th divisions - coed
  • June 14th-Aug 16th (approximately)
  • 6 teams per division, ~120-140 participants per division, ~400-500 participants total
  • 5 weekish season and one weekend with a one day tournament
  • Games on Saturdays
  • insurance, t-shirt, disc
  • Coaches from the community
  • End of year BBQ at tournament field sites
  • Cardinal Gibbons Fields (4 fields), will rotate between 2-3 other sites (hopefully all free). Looking at Durham and Chapel Hill for two more field sites
  • $25 – 30 per player.
  • Need website, marketing, and 2-3 other field sites
  • Timeline in next post
  • Communication through website (coming soon), blog, and Rec.Sport.Tyul (coming soon)
  • Will try to form teams two weeks before start of season to allow for practices
  • Teams will be formed using players from similar geographic areas
  • League email is

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Triangle Youth Ultimate League

This is to serve as a message board and a way to recieve feedback concerning the TYUL.