Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Middle School - Red and Green Make Game

This past weekend, MORT (Mask Of Red Terror) met Green Machine in the Middle School late matchup. While I, alas, was not able to be there, reliable sources report that the game was good, well-fought, and enjoyed by most if not all in attendance.

The game started a bit after the 2 PM start time, as some of the Green Machine players took a little extra time finding the field. After this late start, MORT and Green Machine squared off, with a final result of 7-1 Green Machine.

After the initial game, the teams mixed it up for a ... gray? brown? yellow? something else game (for more information on color mixing, and a pretty cool video about same, go here). The game was harder-fought, closer, and probably a lot hotter (being later in the day). End result: 4-3 (yellow over ... gray?).

At last report, all are looking forward to marching into the semifinals this weekend over at Cardinal Gibbons, and the final games the following weekend.

See you on the field!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

SCHEDULE: Henry Anderson this weekend

Please be aware! Henry Anderson could only give TYUL field space on SUNDAYS in AUGUST.

Therefore, starting this weekend, if you are playing at Henry Anderson, it will be on SUNDAY and NOT SATURDAY!

Commitee and Coaches Meeting

Many Committee Members and Coaches (and one High School Player) met at Crabtree last night to discuss the current and future states of TYUL. The discussion was productive and it was great to have a Player present to share their thoughts and experiences.

We've tentatively decided on a Late Winter/Spring League (possibly to start in late February?) to move forward with and grow TYUL. Again, this is tentative, but seemed to have a good deal of support at the meeting last night....

We are currently working on a survey to go out to all participants, parents and coaches. Please take some time and fill out the survey when it is sent to you! We are very excited and proud of what has come out of TYUL so far and would like to know from participants, parents and coaches how to improve it.

We also discussed an end of the season cookout event, to take place sometime on the weekend of August 9 & 10. Stay tuned for more information!


Monday, July 21, 2008

HS-Red - But you can call us "Thundercats"

Cameron Cockman and I have been coaching the Red team in the High School division. With the largest roster of the four teams in the division, we were a little concerned about people getting enough playing time, but it hasn't been an issue as of late.

Two weeks into the season, our team chose a name from an old cartoon (and a not-so-old Summer League team), and thus "Thundercats" was born...

Many of our players have had experience playing on high school teams, pickup games, or even in the adult TFDA leagues, so our practice time has been weighted more heavily towards strategy and teamwork. We have plenty of high jumpers, fast runners, strong handlers and nonstop cutters, but the trick is learning how to convert all of these skills into scores by working together. And week after week, we're seeing this happen.

Saturday's game against the Blue "Cookie Monster" team was a great example. You'll find a description of the first half in an earlier post in this Blog. Red and Blue traded points in this 5 on 5 affair, with strong play on both sides. Blue managed to take the lead late in the game, as both teams began to wilt a little under the heat of the day.

Then the rain came. Heavy rain. Wipe-the-disc-off-with-a-towel-before-you-throw-it rain. Without so much as a "time out" call, the players abandoned the field not for shelter, but to roll up car windows and keep important stuff from getting soggy.
Priorities ;-)

When the game resumed (still pouring rain), the score was tied at 11, game to 13. Blue scored to force game point, but Red answered the call to force double game point. Both teams had their chances in the final point, but Blue ended the game with a catch in the back of the end zone.

Middle School Early Game: SHADE Falls On The Green Machine, 7-5

The early game on Saturday (19 July) was a hard-fought match between two formidable opponents: SHADE (the black team, coached by DiShon Cain) and the Green Machine (the green team, coached by Twicker). When the game started at 11 AM, the intention was to play to 9 points, or about 12 PM. So much for intentions ...

After jumping to an early 4-2 lead, the Green Machine started to feel the effect of having only one sub (and that being the coach). SHADE had shown up bringing numbers (eight players total) and energy, though the sun was brutal on them as well, especially wearing black. Feeling the heat, the coaches negotiated a change in plans - a game to 7.

The next point, Green Machine took "half" at 5-2. Then, SHADE started its inexorable march back into the game.

SHADE racked up some quick points to bring the game to 5-4 Green. The next point took almost 15 minutes, with SHADE finally coming up with the score to tie. Another 15 minutes of play, ending at around 12:15, and SHADE had the lead, 6-5. Then, finally, with a slightly faster point (only about 7 minutes), SHADE won the game, scoring the 7th point to some cheers from the Green squad.

Afterwards, the teams congratulated each other, and the players dispersed - SHADE to cooler locations, and Green Machine to the local pizzeria for air conditioning and sustenance.

Hearty congratulations to both teams for playing one heck of a game.

Discs for MS Black and Green teams...

Middle School Black and Green teams will receive their discs at their next game.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

High School Division Game Updates 7/19

So I went out to watch the HS Division and take a few pictures today. I also ran around in a couple drills with the Blue and Red teams. Thanks Blue and Red teams! You can check out all the pictures I took at this gallery.

I arrived at the field just before half in the GREEN v. BLACK game. Green had just lost two of their players and were having a hard time maintaining their lead. After half, the teams traded points. It was a real nail biter. Black pulled ahead to make the score 10-9, game to 11. Black ended up pulling out the last point and Green was frustrated by such a close defeat, especially since they spent most of the first half up....

The RED v. BLUE game looked pretty one sided as it started, with Red going up 3 or 4? points to nothing. The Blue team, however, proved that they were just shaking the dust off and made up the difference once their offense started working together. The difference at half was only one point. Unfortunately, this was when I left, so we'll have to wait for an update from one of the coaches.

HS Red Coach, Arnett Brown says...
Blue won this game over Red, 13-12 (double game point!!), after a rain soaked second half. Kudos to all the players for toughing it out to the end. More to come in a separate entry (after I've dried off).


Hey everyone! The DISCS ARE IN! Lindsey is going to come around to the games today (7/19) and hand them out. If you aren't going to be at your game today, check with your coach. We've got a few extra for purchase if a friend or family member not participating in TYUL wants a disc.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

7/12 Middle School Red V Black

Middle School black team coach, DiShon, said about Saturday's game:
Red and Black played 2 games before mixing up the teams. Black had only 4 players which forced me (Coach DiShon) to play in the 2nd game just so that the Red team could rotate players.

1st game: Black 5 Red 1 (4 on 4)
2nd game: Black 5 Red 0 (5 on 5)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

New Authors!

Coaches have been invited to be authors on our blog! And we've asked for at least one blog post per team per week... I'm excited to hear how things are going with everyone.

-Holly Czuba

Sunday, July 13, 2008

7/12 High School Blue V Green

Coach Bob Michael has this re-cap of the High School Division's Blue V Green game...

High School Blue (3) versus Green (11)

After a few warm-up points we gathered our teams to discuss strategy. The game went well with great offense and defense on both sides. Blue's offense was much more fluid this week and had plentiful opportunities to score, although actual conversions on those chances were low. A major issue seems to come in the first one or two passes to get the disc moving and out of the end zone. With all that being said, this weeks practice will focus on end zone work: how to get out of our own and into the other by focusing on several end zone plays and a "dump and swing" offense.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

7/12 Middle School: Green Machine V Blue

Here are a few pictures from the Middle School Green Versus Blue game. Game updates from coaches will be posted soon, so stay tuned for that...

To see more...check out TYUL MS Green V MS Blue 7/12/08

Director Lindsey Hack fills in for coaches Michelle and Thomas. LEAN MEAN GREEN MACHINE!