Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Commitee and Coaches Meeting

Many Committee Members and Coaches (and one High School Player) met at Crabtree last night to discuss the current and future states of TYUL. The discussion was productive and it was great to have a Player present to share their thoughts and experiences.

We've tentatively decided on a Late Winter/Spring League (possibly to start in late February?) to move forward with and grow TYUL. Again, this is tentative, but seemed to have a good deal of support at the meeting last night....

We are currently working on a survey to go out to all participants, parents and coaches. Please take some time and fill out the survey when it is sent to you! We are very excited and proud of what has come out of TYUL so far and would like to know from participants, parents and coaches how to improve it.

We also discussed an end of the season cookout event, to take place sometime on the weekend of August 9 & 10. Stay tuned for more information!


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