Sunday, July 13, 2008

7/12 High School Blue V Green

Coach Bob Michael has this re-cap of the High School Division's Blue V Green game...

High School Blue (3) versus Green (11)

After a few warm-up points we gathered our teams to discuss strategy. The game went well with great offense and defense on both sides. Blue's offense was much more fluid this week and had plentiful opportunities to score, although actual conversions on those chances were low. A major issue seems to come in the first one or two passes to get the disc moving and out of the end zone. With all that being said, this weeks practice will focus on end zone work: how to get out of our own and into the other by focusing on several end zone plays and a "dump and swing" offense.

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Anonymous said...

are there going to be an pictures for this game?

or is there a link for ultimate pics?