Thursday, December 18, 2008

Gearing Up for 2009!

Hello TYUL participants and parents!!! I've got some information for you about TYUL in 2009. This information is posted to the website also. See website here. Send questions via email to


Date: January 12, 2009
Time: 6:30 pm
Location: TBA by Jan. 1 (Probably in Durham)

On Monday January 12th, we will be hosting a TYUL spring organizational meeting. There are many items on the agenda including:
  • improving competition structure
  • assisting the development and growth of new school teams and players
  • providing coaching opportunities
  • re-organizing the TYUL leadership/organization structure
  • revamping our summer league
If you are interested in attending, check back here closer to the date for the exact time and location. Any questions? Email: tyuleague at gmail dot com.


Date: January 15, 2009
Time: TBA
Location: TBA

We're hoping to discuss and set competition schedules and work on a tournament schedule of sorts.


Date: February 7 & 8, 2009
Time: TBA
Location: Efland, NC
Details: More information to come!


Date: February 28, 2009
Time: TBA
Location: TBA by January 15, 2009

We've been given a unique opportunity! The UPA (
Ultimate Players Association) is holding a Coaching Clinic in our area! Registration is now available for the UPA Level I Coaching Clinic. This is an excellent opportunity for you to learn and improve your skills in coaching this sport we all love. There are two parts to this Coaching Clinic. The first part (first 4 hours of ~8 hour clinic) covers ETHICS, the second part of the Clinic is a performance workshop. Clinic details can be seen here.

  • Ethics only workshop costs $45. Both workshops cost $75.
  • Both workshops require that you are a member of the UPA by the day of the clinic. Please see below for new membership options!
  • COLLEGE COACHES: Please read here concerning new sideline guidelines and the 2009 college national championships (you only have to take the Ethics portion to gain sideline access at Nationals):

  • Ethics and Performance Workshop: Details of the workshops found here.
  • UPA Coaching Performance Manual (full day)
  • UPA Coaching Corp disc bag from Five Ultimate (full day)
  • Ultimate Fitness DVD (full day)
  • Ultimate 101: Laying out the game DVD (full day)
  • Access to the UPA Certified Coach Yahoogroup (full day)
  • Additional team discounts from Five Ultimate (full day)
  • UPA Coaching Ethics Manual (ethics only attendee)
  • UPA Coaching Code of Ethics (ethics only attendee)
  • UPA Coaching Corp disc from Discraft (ethics only attendee)
  • UPA Coaching Corp hydro shorts from Five Ultimate (ethics only attendee)
  • Breakfast (all) and lunch (full day attendees).

*If you would like, you may choose to attend only the ethics portion of the clinic (first 4 hours). The ethics portion is only $45 and it ensures that you are allowed to be on the sideline during the 2009 college championships. However, to be a UPA Level 1 Certified Coach you must take the full clinic.


The UPA has started a UPA membership that is specific to coaches. Notice, this a non-playing membership. But, if you are a player who also coaches, there is also a Coach and Player membership. To read more about these new kinds of memberships, please read here:


Dan Raabe
Coach of Memorial High School Ultimate Team 1997-
Coach of the Madison Youth Club team 2005-
Wisconsin Youth Coordinator 2003-
Tournament Director and founder of Madison Fall Classic (1998-2005), MadisonMudBath (2001-), and Wisconsin State Championship (2004-).
Coordinator of the Madison Youth league 2002-.

Send questions, via email, to

Monday, August 4, 2008

Middle School - 11 AM Semifinal - Green Machine and MORT

This past weekend, Mask of Red Terror (MORT) and Green Machine met in a rematch of last week's game.

Only this time, it was the semifinal of the tournament. This - this was for all the marbles.

The teams started with a 4-on-4 matchup, since Green Machine only had five players (though MORT brought most of their army - I believe 8 or 9 total players were there). At half, the decision was made by the coaches that the Machinists would go savage, and the game continued with a 5-on-5 matchup. The game was hard fought, with some really great plays by both teams. At the end, though trailing, MORT continued to play hard, getting it tantalizingly close to the end zone on several occasions. However, though MORT's efforts were valiant, eventually Green Machine came up with the victory, 7-0.

Afterwards, some members of the teams hung around to play a "just-for-fun" game, where adults were thrown into the mix and the play was 7 on 7, with a game to about 12:30. Players then retired to their respective homes - or, in the case of the Machinists, to Stromboli's Pizza.

Great playing, everyone!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Middle School - Red and Green Make Game

This past weekend, MORT (Mask Of Red Terror) met Green Machine in the Middle School late matchup. While I, alas, was not able to be there, reliable sources report that the game was good, well-fought, and enjoyed by most if not all in attendance.

The game started a bit after the 2 PM start time, as some of the Green Machine players took a little extra time finding the field. After this late start, MORT and Green Machine squared off, with a final result of 7-1 Green Machine.

After the initial game, the teams mixed it up for a ... gray? brown? yellow? something else game (for more information on color mixing, and a pretty cool video about same, go here). The game was harder-fought, closer, and probably a lot hotter (being later in the day). End result: 4-3 (yellow over ... gray?).

At last report, all are looking forward to marching into the semifinals this weekend over at Cardinal Gibbons, and the final games the following weekend.

See you on the field!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

SCHEDULE: Henry Anderson this weekend

Please be aware! Henry Anderson could only give TYUL field space on SUNDAYS in AUGUST.

Therefore, starting this weekend, if you are playing at Henry Anderson, it will be on SUNDAY and NOT SATURDAY!

Commitee and Coaches Meeting

Many Committee Members and Coaches (and one High School Player) met at Crabtree last night to discuss the current and future states of TYUL. The discussion was productive and it was great to have a Player present to share their thoughts and experiences.

We've tentatively decided on a Late Winter/Spring League (possibly to start in late February?) to move forward with and grow TYUL. Again, this is tentative, but seemed to have a good deal of support at the meeting last night....

We are currently working on a survey to go out to all participants, parents and coaches. Please take some time and fill out the survey when it is sent to you! We are very excited and proud of what has come out of TYUL so far and would like to know from participants, parents and coaches how to improve it.

We also discussed an end of the season cookout event, to take place sometime on the weekend of August 9 & 10. Stay tuned for more information!


Monday, July 21, 2008

HS-Red - But you can call us "Thundercats"

Cameron Cockman and I have been coaching the Red team in the High School division. With the largest roster of the four teams in the division, we were a little concerned about people getting enough playing time, but it hasn't been an issue as of late.

Two weeks into the season, our team chose a name from an old cartoon (and a not-so-old Summer League team), and thus "Thundercats" was born...

Many of our players have had experience playing on high school teams, pickup games, or even in the adult TFDA leagues, so our practice time has been weighted more heavily towards strategy and teamwork. We have plenty of high jumpers, fast runners, strong handlers and nonstop cutters, but the trick is learning how to convert all of these skills into scores by working together. And week after week, we're seeing this happen.

Saturday's game against the Blue "Cookie Monster" team was a great example. You'll find a description of the first half in an earlier post in this Blog. Red and Blue traded points in this 5 on 5 affair, with strong play on both sides. Blue managed to take the lead late in the game, as both teams began to wilt a little under the heat of the day.

Then the rain came. Heavy rain. Wipe-the-disc-off-with-a-towel-before-you-throw-it rain. Without so much as a "time out" call, the players abandoned the field not for shelter, but to roll up car windows and keep important stuff from getting soggy.
Priorities ;-)

When the game resumed (still pouring rain), the score was tied at 11, game to 13. Blue scored to force game point, but Red answered the call to force double game point. Both teams had their chances in the final point, but Blue ended the game with a catch in the back of the end zone.

Middle School Early Game: SHADE Falls On The Green Machine, 7-5

The early game on Saturday (19 July) was a hard-fought match between two formidable opponents: SHADE (the black team, coached by DiShon Cain) and the Green Machine (the green team, coached by Twicker). When the game started at 11 AM, the intention was to play to 9 points, or about 12 PM. So much for intentions ...

After jumping to an early 4-2 lead, the Green Machine started to feel the effect of having only one sub (and that being the coach). SHADE had shown up bringing numbers (eight players total) and energy, though the sun was brutal on them as well, especially wearing black. Feeling the heat, the coaches negotiated a change in plans - a game to 7.

The next point, Green Machine took "half" at 5-2. Then, SHADE started its inexorable march back into the game.

SHADE racked up some quick points to bring the game to 5-4 Green. The next point took almost 15 minutes, with SHADE finally coming up with the score to tie. Another 15 minutes of play, ending at around 12:15, and SHADE had the lead, 6-5. Then, finally, with a slightly faster point (only about 7 minutes), SHADE won the game, scoring the 7th point to some cheers from the Green squad.

Afterwards, the teams congratulated each other, and the players dispersed - SHADE to cooler locations, and Green Machine to the local pizzeria for air conditioning and sustenance.

Hearty congratulations to both teams for playing one heck of a game.

Discs for MS Black and Green teams...

Middle School Black and Green teams will receive their discs at their next game.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

High School Division Game Updates 7/19

So I went out to watch the HS Division and take a few pictures today. I also ran around in a couple drills with the Blue and Red teams. Thanks Blue and Red teams! You can check out all the pictures I took at this gallery.

I arrived at the field just before half in the GREEN v. BLACK game. Green had just lost two of their players and were having a hard time maintaining their lead. After half, the teams traded points. It was a real nail biter. Black pulled ahead to make the score 10-9, game to 11. Black ended up pulling out the last point and Green was frustrated by such a close defeat, especially since they spent most of the first half up....

The RED v. BLUE game looked pretty one sided as it started, with Red going up 3 or 4? points to nothing. The Blue team, however, proved that they were just shaking the dust off and made up the difference once their offense started working together. The difference at half was only one point. Unfortunately, this was when I left, so we'll have to wait for an update from one of the coaches.

HS Red Coach, Arnett Brown says...
Blue won this game over Red, 13-12 (double game point!!), after a rain soaked second half. Kudos to all the players for toughing it out to the end. More to come in a separate entry (after I've dried off).


Hey everyone! The DISCS ARE IN! Lindsey is going to come around to the games today (7/19) and hand them out. If you aren't going to be at your game today, check with your coach. We've got a few extra for purchase if a friend or family member not participating in TYUL wants a disc.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

7/12 Middle School Red V Black

Middle School black team coach, DiShon, said about Saturday's game:
Red and Black played 2 games before mixing up the teams. Black had only 4 players which forced me (Coach DiShon) to play in the 2nd game just so that the Red team could rotate players.

1st game: Black 5 Red 1 (4 on 4)
2nd game: Black 5 Red 0 (5 on 5)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

New Authors!

Coaches have been invited to be authors on our blog! And we've asked for at least one blog post per team per week... I'm excited to hear how things are going with everyone.

-Holly Czuba

Sunday, July 13, 2008

7/12 High School Blue V Green

Coach Bob Michael has this re-cap of the High School Division's Blue V Green game...

High School Blue (3) versus Green (11)

After a few warm-up points we gathered our teams to discuss strategy. The game went well with great offense and defense on both sides. Blue's offense was much more fluid this week and had plentiful opportunities to score, although actual conversions on those chances were low. A major issue seems to come in the first one or two passes to get the disc moving and out of the end zone. With all that being said, this weeks practice will focus on end zone work: how to get out of our own and into the other by focusing on several end zone plays and a "dump and swing" offense.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

7/12 Middle School: Green Machine V Blue

Here are a few pictures from the Middle School Green Versus Blue game. Game updates from coaches will be posted soon, so stay tuned for that...

To see more...check out TYUL MS Green V MS Blue 7/12/08

Director Lindsey Hack fills in for coaches Michelle and Thomas. LEAN MEAN GREEN MACHINE!

Monday, June 30, 2008

High School Division Game Updates 6/28

Coach Bob Michael (HS Blue) says:
A very successful day for the BLUE team. We had 10 of 14 players come out to play at Hank Anderson Park in 100 degree heat in the name of chasing plastic. We began with basic throwing skills and some stretching while the team members got to know each other. Then we moved on to the go-to-drill to practice throwing and catching in real game situations, stack offense/defense, marking the thrower, and a discussion of the rules of the game. Due to the extreme heat we shortened practice a little and started the game against the Black Team early.

This was the pre-season game and the excitement of both teams was palpable. Black played a great game with a savage squad (meaning they only had 7 players total) and shot to a 8-1 lead. Blue was able to score another 3 points with a late game rally before Black ended the game 10-4. The Blue team used the game to develop their stack offense and to learn the value of patience. Winds were high on the fields, leaving both teams scrambling after less than accurate passes. This too was a good lesson in team communication, understanding which throws survive on a windy day, and gaining a better field sense. The Blue Team needs to work more on throwing accuracy and developing "flow" from the stack after the first pass is complete. Also we'll work at this weeks practice on Wednesday at Forest Hills Park to establish a few end zone plays to prevent turnovers in the red zone. It was a very fun day to be out in the sun playing Ultimate!

Coach Dan Parrish (HS Green) says:
Yesterday's game between Green and Red was hard-fought, with Green taking it 12-5 (I think). Red employed a conservative, "stack-first" offense, while Green looked to fastbreak (aka "bomb it") as much as possible off of the pull and/or off of turnovers. Green prevailed due to great defense and at least in part because we were able to "borrow" Ben (last name unknown) from the Black team. Also, Green was playing savage (even with Ben), so kudos to the players for toughing out a lot of points.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

It's Started!

It's Holly here, one of the TYUL Committee members. Just wanted to congratulate everyone on a successful start to the very first Youth Ultimate league in the area! Yesterday started our *official* games!

Middle School Red V Green
I spend much of the day in Raleigh with the Middle School division. I got a chance to help out with the Green Machine's practice and thoroughly enjoyed it. I showed many of them how to follow through on their backhand throws to make them go further... Then they played the Red team, whose name may or may not be Mast of the Red Terror (MORT) Phoenix. There was dispute about that among the players. Haha. The teams decided to play 3 games to 5 to allow for lots of water breaks. The second two games to 5 were slightly modified. One game mixed up the players for both teams and played each other. This was a great idea since the green machine had several players with at least a full year of experience (several under one of our very own Jen Waldrup) and the red team is still very new to everything. So I was happy to see them mix it up. This, to me, is exactly what the league is about. Especially at the middle school level where we have a greater range in sizes and ages. And I have to applaud the more experienced players for having patience and helping out the other kids! The other game actually included one coach on the field for each team (back in green and red squads)... I also really liked the outcome of this game because it allowed for the coaches to help direct traffic. And often, at the beginning level, turnovers happen simply because no one is open. The coaches gave the kids something to throw to in many instances, so the movement on the field greatly improved in this last game.

Congrats to MORT Phoenix and Green Machine for an awesome day! And I especially think the coaches did a great job running everything!

I didn't watch much of the Blue V Black game, had to leave before it started, so I don't have any update on that. Perhaps I can get one of the coaches to send me some kind of write up to post... More on that later...

Middle School Blue V Black
Coach Aaron Frye (MS Blue team) has this to say about the Blue V Black games from 6/28...
"We played 2 games to 5 (coaches) where the blue team fought hard to overcome their taller, more experienced opponents. Experience prevailed in the first game, with blue losing 2-5, but playing much better than the score demonstrated. With 2 subs, blue rotated and tired out black. The second game to 5 was down to the wire, with black putting in a huck for a 4-5 win. Then, blue went 4v4 without coaches and used sheer numbers and middle-school energy to win the last game 2-1 (in a game to 2)."

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hat League this Satuday and Teams Formed!

Good Afternoon All! Last night the committee had a meeting in Raleigh and formed the teams. We should have that information posted on the website soon. Please keep in mind that these teams are subject to change. They will be finalized early next week after our Hat League this Saturday. We are waiting on last minute registrants and trying to make sure teams are organized well geographically. This is complicated. Sheesh!

You should be receiving an email from your coach soon about time and location for this Saturdays activities. Ideally you will get to meet your coach, some of your teammates, do a little throwing and maybe a drill or two. But really we want you playing ultimate! So we're gonna mix up the teams and PLAY! for most of the time.

Please bring friends with you! And WATER and SUNSCREEN! If you have questions there will be TYUL Committee members around (probably in some obnoxiously bright colored shirt so we stand out).

We are going to have all the High Schoolers out at Cardinal Gibbons and all the Middle Schoolers at Henry Anderson Park (**Just for this Saturday's Hat League). Keep checking your email and the website for detailed information on times, locations and directions.

Monday, June 9, 2008


1. Registration
is going to continue indefinitely. A hard push for marketing is being done now and we encourage all to invite any legitimate participant to sign up.

2. new schedule:
June 21st: Hat tournament
June 28th: Hat tournament
July 12th: Pool play
July 19th: Pool play
July 26th: Pool play
Aug 2/3: Semis
Aug 9/10: Finals/Consolation Finals

Why? Well, quite honestly, we have yet to secure a desired amount of players to form a strong league. We want to form two divisions at this point and have (4) teams in each division. Right now, are numbers are a bit shy of being able to do this successfully. Teams are going to begin forming as soon as the coaches have completed their two coaching clinics. During the hat tournaments, already registered participants will be encouraged to bring friends and have them sign up for the league after testing it out. Teams can begin practicing as soon as their core is formed (approximately, in the next week). All games will either be at Henry Anderson Park in Carrboro, NC or Cardinal Gibbons High School in Raleigh, NC. All teams will be playing at both locations at some point in the season but practices should be near their homes.

3. Coaching Clinics

Are occurring right now! We had our first Skills and Drills clinic Sunday at Lake Crabtree from 3-5pm and it was a blast! The next one is scheduled for this Sunday at Lake Crabtree from 3-5pm and then we will have two clinics on logistics - June 16 and June 17th - location and time TBD. Thank you Jen and Raj for providing all prospective coaches with a great manual and putting on a well run clinic. Thank you all coaches for volunteering!!!

4. Jerseys

We have a logo. Our jersey guy is just waiting for us to pull the trigger. Turnaround time should be about a week. Since we have a logo, we have also ordered discs.

5. Check out the website for updates and to read our minutes from our committee meetings.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Registration Extension!!!

Registration will be extended through May 31, 2008. Teams will be formed shortly after and participants and parents will be contacted shortly after!!

Saturday, May 10, 2008


Sign up now through May 25, 2008.

Teams formed during that week. Practice may begin and run until the first game on June 21.

Other news:
TYUL Committee is forming!
This committee will exclusively be dedicating to promoting the growth of youth ultimate in the triangle area. Immediate issues on the agenda:
a. Fields
b. Insurance
c. Marketing
d. Jerseys
e. Discs
f. Coach's clinic
g. Clinics for the participants
h. Developing relationships with area school districts (this one's a biggie)


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Registration Update

hey all-

We ran into a little snafu with the registration page. It should be available later this week. Stay tuned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Monday, April 28, 2008

All Coaches, Teachers, Volunteers...

Just wanted to drop everyone a line and let you know that you will hear from me by mid week this week. Life has been a little busy with the UNC women's team (I coach them) as they just had regionals and now we are preparing to make the trip to Boulder for Nationals.

Thanks for you patience!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Chapel Hill and Durham Community Sports News

On Wed April 16th, an ad should be appearing in the Chapel Hill Community Sports News and on April 23rd an ad should be appearing in the Durham Community Sports News promoting the new youth league. For those readers who have been directed to our site, please note the following:

1. Registration will open May 4, 2008 and please stay tuned for link to the registration page.

2. Brief Outline of League:

Brief Outline of League can be found below. This outline is very, very preliminary.

  • 5/6th , 7/8th, 9-12th divisions - coed
  • June 14th-Aug 16th (approximately)
  • 6 teams per division, ~120-140 participants per division, ~400-500 participants total
  • 5 weekish season and one weekend with a one day tournament
  • Games on Saturdays
  • insurance, t-shirt, disc
  • Coaches from the community
  • End of year BBQ at tournament field sites
  • Cardinal Gibbons Fields (4 fields), will rotate between 2-3 other sites (hopefully all free). Looking at Durham and Chapel Hill for two more field sites
  • $25 – 30 per player.
  • Need website, marketing, and 2-3 other field sites
  • Timeline in next post
  • Communication through website (coming soon), blog, and Rec.Sport.Tyul (coming soon)
  • Will try to form teams two weeks before start of season to allow for practices
  • Teams will be formed using players from similar geographic areas
  • League email is

Do not hesitate to email TYUL with any questions,

Lindsey Hack

Director - TYUL

Monday, April 14, 2008

Coach's Meeting

A formal coach's meeting will be occurring at the Spring Carnival. Itinerary and exact time/location to be announced at a later date. If you are interested in being a coach, please do not hesitate to email: Your commitment level can be minimal or substantial. The team you would be coaching would be geographically close to you and if your commitment level is minimal we would look to pair you with another coach that can give more.

Games would be 1x/week with skipping holiday weeks. How much you practice is up to you and your team.


The Triangle Youth Ultimate League is officially teaming up with Triangle Flying Disc Association. The benefits of the two teaming up are endless, but here are a few very important ones:

Positives for TYUL:
1. Tech support - not the TYUL Director's forte - registration, website
2. TFDA community support - liasons to school districts, coaches, supporters
3. Eventual usage of Ultiplex
4. Exposure at events like the Carnival

Positives for TFDA
1. Increased exposure in triangle community
2. Increased support of Ultiplex

Registration: Update #2

Registration will go live May 4, 2008. Stay tuned for a link.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


A link will be made available soon to register for the TYUL. Please stay tuned!!!!

Monday, March 31, 2008

Current Happenings

1. Woodcroft Fields are available but I need to submit a proposal for use by next week. They have board meetings once a month and their next one is next Tuesday. Keep our fingers crossed it will get approved.

2. Budget has been 95% finalized. Approximately $40 per player will get them a 8 week season (with fields that cost money), a disc, jersey, and a end of year cookout.

3. I am going to attend the TFDA board meeting on April 7, 2008 to discuss TFDA's involvment.

4. I have been speaking with the directors of the youth leagues in Seattle, WA. WOW. that is really all I have to say right now. We can do a lot by just attempting to model them.

5. This Thursday (April 3, 2008) is the monthly high school meeting. I may have flyers and a plan of attack for distributing flyers (schools, YMCAs, rec centers, etc) ready. I am hoping for good numbers at the meeting.

6. An ad is being placed in Community Sports News for both Chapel Hill and Durham. That will be seen in the April 16th edition in Chapel Hill and the April 23rd edition in Durham. I have asked a few creative friends to come up with a logo for the league. I still need to find a good paper for Raleigh.

7. Website? I am hoping, praying that Dwayne is able to put something together for registration. I have a little while before I need the rest (schedule, rosters, results, etc).

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Discussion Board

Can be found here. Enjoy!

Marketing Plan

  1. Flyers in all schools in Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill Public school system. Must get a map and assign "helpers" to get to these schools.
  2. Lawn signs near busy intersections (54 and 40 in chapel hill for example)
  3. Small paper ads - I know there is a sports specific paper in Chapel Hill. Need ideas for Durham and Raleigh.
  4. Flyers up at rec centers, gyms and YMCAs

Any other ideas?

Any feedback at any time would be greatly appreciated!


August 16th: Tournament Weekend
June 14th: first game
May 26th: teams formed, players contacted
May 23rd: Registration Due
March 24th: Registration Begins (? maybe april) - Begin Marketing

By March 24th, Need:
  • website
  • 2 more field sites (Durham and Chapel Hill)
  • Marketing material/plan

Brief Outline of League

Brief Outline of League can be found below. This outline is very, very preliminary.

  • 5/6th , 7/8th, 9-12th divisions - coed
  • June 14th-Aug 16th (approximately)
  • 6 teams per division, ~120-140 participants per division, ~400-500 participants total
  • 5 weekish season and one weekend with a one day tournament
  • Games on Saturdays
  • insurance, t-shirt, disc
  • Coaches from the community
  • End of year BBQ at tournament field sites
  • Cardinal Gibbons Fields (4 fields), will rotate between 2-3 other sites (hopefully all free). Looking at Durham and Chapel Hill for two more field sites
  • $25 – 30 per player.
  • Need website, marketing, and 2-3 other field sites
  • Timeline in next post
  • Communication through website (coming soon), blog, and Rec.Sport.Tyul (coming soon)
  • Will try to form teams two weeks before start of season to allow for practices
  • Teams will be formed using players from similar geographic areas
  • League email is

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Triangle Youth Ultimate League

This is to serve as a message board and a way to recieve feedback concerning the TYUL.