Monday, August 4, 2008

Middle School - 11 AM Semifinal - Green Machine and MORT

This past weekend, Mask of Red Terror (MORT) and Green Machine met in a rematch of last week's game.

Only this time, it was the semifinal of the tournament. This - this was for all the marbles.

The teams started with a 4-on-4 matchup, since Green Machine only had five players (though MORT brought most of their army - I believe 8 or 9 total players were there). At half, the decision was made by the coaches that the Machinists would go savage, and the game continued with a 5-on-5 matchup. The game was hard fought, with some really great plays by both teams. At the end, though trailing, MORT continued to play hard, getting it tantalizingly close to the end zone on several occasions. However, though MORT's efforts were valiant, eventually Green Machine came up with the victory, 7-0.

Afterwards, some members of the teams hung around to play a "just-for-fun" game, where adults were thrown into the mix and the play was 7 on 7, with a game to about 12:30. Players then retired to their respective homes - or, in the case of the Machinists, to Stromboli's Pizza.

Great playing, everyone!

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