Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Middle School - Red and Green Make Game

This past weekend, MORT (Mask Of Red Terror) met Green Machine in the Middle School late matchup. While I, alas, was not able to be there, reliable sources report that the game was good, well-fought, and enjoyed by most if not all in attendance.

The game started a bit after the 2 PM start time, as some of the Green Machine players took a little extra time finding the field. After this late start, MORT and Green Machine squared off, with a final result of 7-1 Green Machine.

After the initial game, the teams mixed it up for a ... gray? brown? yellow? something else game (for more information on color mixing, and a pretty cool video about same, go here). The game was harder-fought, closer, and probably a lot hotter (being later in the day). End result: 4-3 (yellow over ... gray?).

At last report, all are looking forward to marching into the semifinals this weekend over at Cardinal Gibbons, and the final games the following weekend.

See you on the field!

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