Monday, July 21, 2008

HS-Red - But you can call us "Thundercats"

Cameron Cockman and I have been coaching the Red team in the High School division. With the largest roster of the four teams in the division, we were a little concerned about people getting enough playing time, but it hasn't been an issue as of late.

Two weeks into the season, our team chose a name from an old cartoon (and a not-so-old Summer League team), and thus "Thundercats" was born...

Many of our players have had experience playing on high school teams, pickup games, or even in the adult TFDA leagues, so our practice time has been weighted more heavily towards strategy and teamwork. We have plenty of high jumpers, fast runners, strong handlers and nonstop cutters, but the trick is learning how to convert all of these skills into scores by working together. And week after week, we're seeing this happen.

Saturday's game against the Blue "Cookie Monster" team was a great example. You'll find a description of the first half in an earlier post in this Blog. Red and Blue traded points in this 5 on 5 affair, with strong play on both sides. Blue managed to take the lead late in the game, as both teams began to wilt a little under the heat of the day.

Then the rain came. Heavy rain. Wipe-the-disc-off-with-a-towel-before-you-throw-it rain. Without so much as a "time out" call, the players abandoned the field not for shelter, but to roll up car windows and keep important stuff from getting soggy.
Priorities ;-)

When the game resumed (still pouring rain), the score was tied at 11, game to 13. Blue scored to force game point, but Red answered the call to force double game point. Both teams had their chances in the final point, but Blue ended the game with a catch in the back of the end zone.

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