Monday, July 21, 2008

Middle School Early Game: SHADE Falls On The Green Machine, 7-5

The early game on Saturday (19 July) was a hard-fought match between two formidable opponents: SHADE (the black team, coached by DiShon Cain) and the Green Machine (the green team, coached by Twicker). When the game started at 11 AM, the intention was to play to 9 points, or about 12 PM. So much for intentions ...

After jumping to an early 4-2 lead, the Green Machine started to feel the effect of having only one sub (and that being the coach). SHADE had shown up bringing numbers (eight players total) and energy, though the sun was brutal on them as well, especially wearing black. Feeling the heat, the coaches negotiated a change in plans - a game to 7.

The next point, Green Machine took "half" at 5-2. Then, SHADE started its inexorable march back into the game.

SHADE racked up some quick points to bring the game to 5-4 Green. The next point took almost 15 minutes, with SHADE finally coming up with the score to tie. Another 15 minutes of play, ending at around 12:15, and SHADE had the lead, 6-5. Then, finally, with a slightly faster point (only about 7 minutes), SHADE won the game, scoring the 7th point to some cheers from the Green squad.

Afterwards, the teams congratulated each other, and the players dispersed - SHADE to cooler locations, and Green Machine to the local pizzeria for air conditioning and sustenance.

Hearty congratulations to both teams for playing one heck of a game.

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