Thursday, April 17, 2008

Chapel Hill and Durham Community Sports News

On Wed April 16th, an ad should be appearing in the Chapel Hill Community Sports News and on April 23rd an ad should be appearing in the Durham Community Sports News promoting the new youth league. For those readers who have been directed to our site, please note the following:

1. Registration will open May 4, 2008 and please stay tuned for link to the registration page.

2. Brief Outline of League:

Brief Outline of League can be found below. This outline is very, very preliminary.

  • 5/6th , 7/8th, 9-12th divisions - coed
  • June 14th-Aug 16th (approximately)
  • 6 teams per division, ~120-140 participants per division, ~400-500 participants total
  • 5 weekish season and one weekend with a one day tournament
  • Games on Saturdays
  • insurance, t-shirt, disc
  • Coaches from the community
  • End of year BBQ at tournament field sites
  • Cardinal Gibbons Fields (4 fields), will rotate between 2-3 other sites (hopefully all free). Looking at Durham and Chapel Hill for two more field sites
  • $25 – 30 per player.
  • Need website, marketing, and 2-3 other field sites
  • Timeline in next post
  • Communication through website (coming soon), blog, and Rec.Sport.Tyul (coming soon)
  • Will try to form teams two weeks before start of season to allow for practices
  • Teams will be formed using players from similar geographic areas
  • League email is

Do not hesitate to email TYUL with any questions,

Lindsey Hack

Director - TYUL

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