Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hat League this Satuday and Teams Formed!

Good Afternoon All! Last night the committee had a meeting in Raleigh and formed the teams. We should have that information posted on the website soon. Please keep in mind that these teams are subject to change. They will be finalized early next week after our Hat League this Saturday. We are waiting on last minute registrants and trying to make sure teams are organized well geographically. This is complicated. Sheesh!

You should be receiving an email from your coach soon about time and location for this Saturdays activities. Ideally you will get to meet your coach, some of your teammates, do a little throwing and maybe a drill or two. But really we want you playing ultimate! So we're gonna mix up the teams and PLAY! for most of the time.

Please bring friends with you! And WATER and SUNSCREEN! If you have questions there will be TYUL Committee members around (probably in some obnoxiously bright colored shirt so we stand out).

We are going to have all the High Schoolers out at Cardinal Gibbons and all the Middle Schoolers at Henry Anderson Park (**Just for this Saturday's Hat League). Keep checking your email and the website for detailed information on times, locations and directions.


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