Monday, June 9, 2008


1. Registration
is going to continue indefinitely. A hard push for marketing is being done now and we encourage all to invite any legitimate participant to sign up.

2. new schedule:
June 21st: Hat tournament
June 28th: Hat tournament
July 12th: Pool play
July 19th: Pool play
July 26th: Pool play
Aug 2/3: Semis
Aug 9/10: Finals/Consolation Finals

Why? Well, quite honestly, we have yet to secure a desired amount of players to form a strong league. We want to form two divisions at this point and have (4) teams in each division. Right now, are numbers are a bit shy of being able to do this successfully. Teams are going to begin forming as soon as the coaches have completed their two coaching clinics. During the hat tournaments, already registered participants will be encouraged to bring friends and have them sign up for the league after testing it out. Teams can begin practicing as soon as their core is formed (approximately, in the next week). All games will either be at Henry Anderson Park in Carrboro, NC or Cardinal Gibbons High School in Raleigh, NC. All teams will be playing at both locations at some point in the season but practices should be near their homes.

3. Coaching Clinics

Are occurring right now! We had our first Skills and Drills clinic Sunday at Lake Crabtree from 3-5pm and it was a blast! The next one is scheduled for this Sunday at Lake Crabtree from 3-5pm and then we will have two clinics on logistics - June 16 and June 17th - location and time TBD. Thank you Jen and Raj for providing all prospective coaches with a great manual and putting on a well run clinic. Thank you all coaches for volunteering!!!

4. Jerseys

We have a logo. Our jersey guy is just waiting for us to pull the trigger. Turnaround time should be about a week. Since we have a logo, we have also ordered discs.

5. Check out the website for updates and to read our minutes from our committee meetings.

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