Monday, June 30, 2008

High School Division Game Updates 6/28

Coach Bob Michael (HS Blue) says:
A very successful day for the BLUE team. We had 10 of 14 players come out to play at Hank Anderson Park in 100 degree heat in the name of chasing plastic. We began with basic throwing skills and some stretching while the team members got to know each other. Then we moved on to the go-to-drill to practice throwing and catching in real game situations, stack offense/defense, marking the thrower, and a discussion of the rules of the game. Due to the extreme heat we shortened practice a little and started the game against the Black Team early.

This was the pre-season game and the excitement of both teams was palpable. Black played a great game with a savage squad (meaning they only had 7 players total) and shot to a 8-1 lead. Blue was able to score another 3 points with a late game rally before Black ended the game 10-4. The Blue team used the game to develop their stack offense and to learn the value of patience. Winds were high on the fields, leaving both teams scrambling after less than accurate passes. This too was a good lesson in team communication, understanding which throws survive on a windy day, and gaining a better field sense. The Blue Team needs to work more on throwing accuracy and developing "flow" from the stack after the first pass is complete. Also we'll work at this weeks practice on Wednesday at Forest Hills Park to establish a few end zone plays to prevent turnovers in the red zone. It was a very fun day to be out in the sun playing Ultimate!

Coach Dan Parrish (HS Green) says:
Yesterday's game between Green and Red was hard-fought, with Green taking it 12-5 (I think). Red employed a conservative, "stack-first" offense, while Green looked to fastbreak (aka "bomb it") as much as possible off of the pull and/or off of turnovers. Green prevailed due to great defense and at least in part because we were able to "borrow" Ben (last name unknown) from the Black team. Also, Green was playing savage (even with Ben), so kudos to the players for toughing out a lot of points.

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