Friday, January 9, 2009


Hey all,

Just to clarify, we are having a meeting to help organize TYUL as an organization on Monday January 12, 2009 in Durham. We are having a meeting to help organize the high school division of TYUL on Thursday January 15, 2009 in Raleigh at Cardinal Gibbons High School at 630pm. If you are someone who is trying to help volunteer your time to TYUL, or are interested in the league as a whole (summer and spring seasons, high school and middle school) then come to the Monday meeting. If you are a high school player or high school coach/advisor, come to the Thursday meeting to see how your high school ultimate team/club can have more opportunities to play ultimate!

You are definitely more than welcome to come to both of course.

Thanks. Please email me with any questions.

Lindsey Hack

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