Saturday, August 8, 2009

Baker's Weekend Write-Up

Here's a note Baker sent out to the Listserv about TYUL events this weekend.

Hey all -

Part 1 - U-14

Just wanted to write and acknowledge the wrapping of TYUL's 2nd U-14 season. I heard great things from players, parents, and coaches - thanks so much for making this year a huge success.

We had our end-of-season tournament today, with Green capturing the crown over the Lt. Blue team 11-8. Navy Blue took third place over a short-staffed (but very game) Red team.

I arrived a bit late in the day, and when I arrived Green was up 6-3 at half. There was some wind and both teams were playing the deep game - throwing the disc deep to streaking receivers. This worked particularly well for Green and their tall line-up. In fact, they opened it up a bit in the second half, going up 8-4 I believe (possibly 9-4). However, Lt. Blue did not go away. They began to utilize some very nice in-cuts and swing passes to set up their hucks, and got some good looks. This sparked a bit of a run, down now only 8-10. There was tension on the Green sideline, but Zuercher and company rallied the troops and Green marched it down for the wind (sans turn-over), Evan (I believe) came down with the game winning catch over a jumping Blue defender (both sides played excellent defense throughout the match).

It was an exciting game, and it's great to see the ability and enthuisiasm present in all four teams (and their coaches!). 2010 should be exciting. Thanks again for support and enthusiasm from players, coaches, and parents. If you have any feedback for us we'd love to hear it.


Part 2 - YCC (Youth Club Championships) -

As you probably know we have two teams playing in the U-19 National Tournament in Blaine, MN. We have a boys team (NC All-Stars) and girls team (Queen Anne's Revenge). These are players (and parents!) who have chosen to dedicate extra time and money to practices, traveling, and fund-raising in order to represent North Carolina. We're really proud of them and their coaches (who've also dedicated enormous amounts of time).

The tournament is going on right now. Since both teams are brand new they were seeded last in the tournament - but that's just prime potential for upsets! Queen Anne's Revenge has done just that, beating the Denver team 9-6 and narrowly losing to the number 1 team (Seattle) 6-10. At last update they were beating Minnesota 7-3.

The NC All-Stars have an incredibly tough pool - Seattle, Boston, and Atlanta (all perenially National contenders). They lost their first two games, but as of last update are in a tight match with Atlanta (currently down 5-7) -

Lindsey and Holly are doing a great job of providing some updates at the twitter feed - (no need to have a twitter account to read - it's basically a blog with short posts)

Elimination play begins tomorrow morning at 8.30 AM. Join us in rooting on our local teams! (you can check out the rosters here to see if you have any friends or teammates playing: NCAS - ; QAR: )

And if you missed out in participating with YCC this year, don't worry - we plan on supporting and helping these teams every year.

That's all for now - after this weekend we enter a bit of a quiet time here at TYUL, but we'll be busy planning future leagues soon enough. If you have any thoughts (or want to become more involved!) let us know.


Baker Pratt
TYUL Board

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