Sunday, August 9, 2009

UPA Write-Up of QAR game against Minnesota

Triangle took on Minnesota, with a very effective offense taking them to a 7-2 lead. For the next point, Triangle’s #22 Shellie Cohen dominated on deep defense, attempting to finish the point with a long huck, just overthrowing Lindsay Lang. Minnesota worked back up the field for a score and took the next to cut the lead to 3, 7-4. Triangle took the last point of the first half and the first point of the second for 9-4, before Minnesota woke up with a stifling defense and two quick scoring throws to Erynn Schroeder, 9-6. Minnesota gave up an easy point for 10-6 before going on one more run, starting with a huck from Jenna Dailey to Mara Saltzman in the back of the endzone, and ending with Jenna driving the team into the endzone for 10-10. Minnesota ran out of steam to give the last two points to Triangle in the cap for a 12-10 Triangle win.

This is a re-post from the UPA Write-Ups.

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