Monday, August 10, 2009

QAR Semis Write-Up by UPA


Atlanta’s Hotlanta vs Triangle Youth League’s Queen Anne’s Revenge
Hotlanta threw their zone defense on right away and it proved effective, leading to a turn and the first point of the game. Queen Anne’s Revenge answered, and the well-matched teams traded points back and forth. Hotlanta took half 8-6 and seemed focused, taking advantage of Queen Anne’s Revenge’s turnovers. The game was far from over though. Queen Anne’s Revenge’s Hope Thomson tipped the disc in a bobble and then caught it for a score. The hard cap was put into place and Queen Anne’s Revenge tied the game 11-11. It was universe point and both teams were pushing hard. Queen Anne’s Revenge’s Lindsay Lang threw it long and Meg Duffy caught it in the end zone for upset win 12-11.

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